Our goal at Cynosure is to lead in the evolution of alternative assets and create a richer experience for our clients who want their alternatives to work for their investment portfolio rather than their investment portfolio working for their alternatives manager.

Investment Approach

We identify investment opportunities with superior risk-adjusted returns sourced by utilizing our extensive network, to create proprietary deal-flow. We devote significant effort analyzing industry trends, understanding competitive landscapes and developing relevant expertise and investment themes to help achieve the return objectives of our investors.

Investment opportunities may include direct investments made by the firm or strategic partnerships, including forming or seeding new investment products with external managers that bring a complementary expertise to Cynosure.

Portfolio Companies

We want to partner with management teams who are interested in continuing to be meaningful owners and are invested in seeing the value of their company grow. We look for partners who can collaborate with us on the best route to value creation over the right investment timeline, as opposed to some arbitrary exit deadline set by an investment fund.

Specifically, we look to invest in small to mid-sized companies with at least $5 million of EBITDA.

Targets for acquisition must demonstrate significant growth prospects, a meaningful cash flow profile, and the ability to differentiate their business model from that of its competition.

By investing throughout the capital structure, making minority as well as control investments, and providing long-term and or follow-on capital, we are able to differentiate ourselves from traditional alternative managers.

Our Portfolio

We have partnered with the following portfolio companies to provide a collaborative capital solution. We have been both in control and minority positions and will invest throughout the capital structure, including equity, preferred equity, subordinated debt, debt, and other creative structures.

GPS Hospitality

Investment: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019
Status: Current

Quick service restaurant franchisee operating over 400 locations

Avalon Advisors

Investment: 2015
Status: Current

Registered investment advisor offering investment management and financial advice


Investment: 2016
Status: Exited

Vertical SaaS business focused on the power and utilities sector

Brand Bank

Investment: 2016
Status: Exited

Bank serving businesses, municipalities, and individuals in the Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area


Investment: 2016
Status: Current

Independent, fee-only wealth management firm

Prumentum Group

Investment: 2017
Status: Current

Wealth-Tech company created to make financial planning accessible, regardless of net worth

Anglo International Shipping

Investment: 2018, 2019
Status: Current

Owner and operator of second-hand vessels focused on the dry bulk shipping market

Steward Partners Global Advisory

Investment: 2019
Status: Current

Independent wealth advisor, with professionals delivering multifaceted financial solutions

Visible Supply Chain Management

Investment: 2019
Status: Current

Industry leader in shipping and fulfillment services for small to midsize businesses

Gold Medal Pools & Construction

Investment: 2019
Status: Current

Turnkey construction solutions for customized hardscapes & water features

SG Credit Partners

Investment: 2019
Status: Current

Leading middle-market specialty lender for borrowers with limited access to credit markets


Created with the support of Cynosure


Status: Current

Permanent capital vehicle focused on B2B software

Fenway Summer Ventures

Status: Current

Venture fund focused on investing in early stage companies in the financial services industry

Avenue Capital Group

Status: Current

US Value Credit Fund


Alternative investment allocations are often built assuming all investors are similar, when in reality no two families or institutions are alike. In fact, even portfolios within a family or within an institution differ in need and objective.

Our approach is to recognize what makes each family or institution unique and then provide investors with optionality and transparency so their alternative allocation can work for their specific portfolio.

We do this by providing investment opportunities that focus on transparency and fairness to the end investor, whether they be direct investments, fund formations, or strategic allocations to existing third party managers.


Flexible Mandate

Most everything we do is on a deal-by-deal basis, which affords maximum flexibility to our investors. Investors can decide what is the right investment opportunity given their unique investment goals, whether it be for tax, risk-profile, or cash flow objectives.

Patient Capital

Unlike traditional fund structures that can impose forced exits causing early sales, we look to improve investment returns through appropriately timed exits. This means our investments can compound for a longer period of time, enabling investors to defer any exit taxes.


We believe investors deserve transparency and fairness, which is why we charge fees on invested capital, not committed capital. Not only does this prevent unnecessary fee drag, it also ensures investors only pay fees on money actually put to work, not money waiting on the sideline.


We approach each investment through the lens of our investors, ensuring that after-tax and after-fee returns are maximized and understood. By providing solutions that work to minimize hassle and increase transparency, our goal is to deliver an alternative investment experience that enhances return on a portfolio basis in a way that exceeds expectations.

“These examples are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute investment advice, a recommendation, or an offer of solicitation. The reader should not assume that an investment in the portfolio companies reflected here was or will be profitable."